ATLANTA, Ga. (Aug. 8, 2016) –  TV audiences in the Los Angeles area – the second-largest TV market in the country – can now watch ”Small Town Big Deal” on their local CBS station.

The nationally syndicated show airs weekly on KCBS at 4:30 p.m. (PST) on Sundays.

“We’re thrilled to be airing in Los Angeles and thrilled to be back on my favorite channel KCBS,” said Small Town Big Deal co-host Jann Carl, a former Entertainment Tonight correspondent and TV journalist in Los Angeles from 1984-2008. “With LA in my backyard, I especially look forward to sharing our adventures with friends and neighbors throughout the region.”

Carl has gone from covering Los Angeles news from the anchor desk, reporting on Hollywood happenings from the red carpet, and now is gathering great stories for the back roads of America.

Small Town Big Deal originally aired on cable station RFD-TV, where it grew into one of that station’s most popularly rated programs. With its syndication in markets from New York and Atlanta to Philadelphia and Dallas, the show now reaches over three-fourths of the nation.

“Since our show went into syndication in 2015, we’ve quickly been picked up by the majority of the larger markets across the country,” said co-host Rodney Miller. “We’re so honored that Los Angeles has come on board with our newest audience.”

Small Town Big Deal features stories of interesting people and events across the country. It has been called a “Celebration of the Great Stories of America.”

The series is syndicated by The Television Syndication Company ( Contact Lisa Romine, Syndication Sales, at 407-389-9911 or [email protected].

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