(April 2017) – Small Town Big Deal, the television show that celebrates America, is doing a little celebration of its own after recently surpassing the 1 million mark in weekly viewership.

The milestone was recorded for the six-month period of October 2015 through March 2017 with P+2 viewership (all viewers above 2 years of age) of over 1 million viewers and an average national HH rating of 0.70. The numbers are based on Nielsen ratings.

Small Town Big Deal, hosted by entertainers Rodney Miller and Jann Carl, debuted in 2012 on RFD-TV. Since then, the show is now also seen in national broadcast syndication on over 150 stations, reaching close to 80 percent of the nation’s viewing audience.

Additionally, the show recently signed a deal with the Armed Forces Network to expand its audience to thousands of U.S. troops serving abroad in over 170 countries.

“We are thrilled to be among the top percent of all television shows in terms of viewing audience,” said co-host Rodney Miller. “America is watching and we are so honored to be part of what we feel is a national movement demanding more quality, family-friendly TV shows like Small Town Big Deal.”



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